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Boris Johnson speech: PM unveils 'conditional plan' to reopen society

来源:中国日报    2020-05-11 13:25

        Boris Johnson has unveiled a "conditional plan" to reopen society, allowing people in England to spend more time outdoors from Wednesday.        英国首相鲍里斯·约翰逊公布了一项“有条件的计划”来重新开放社会,允许英国人从周三(5月13日)开始增加在户外活动的时间。
        The PM also said people who could not work from home should return to the workplace - but avoid public transport.        鲍里斯还说,不能在家工作的人应该回到工作场所,但不要乘坐公共交通工具。
        He said a new Covid Alert System with five levels would govern how quickly lockdown restrictions could be eased.        他说,新的新冠病毒5级警报系统将决定解除封锁的速度。
        He hoped the next step "at the earliest by 1 June" would be for some primary pupils to return to school in England.        他希望“最早在6月1日”采取的下一步措施是让一些英国小学生重返校园。
        In an address to the nation, Mr Johnson said this stage would also involve reopening shops - but he cautioned this would only happen if supported by science.        鲍里斯在面向全国发表的讲话中表示,这一阶段还包括重新开放商店,但他警告称,这只有在得到科学数据支持的情况下才会实行。
        The next step could see some hospitality businesses and other public places reopen - "if the numbers support it" - but not earlier than 1 July.        “如果数据支持的话”,再下一个阶段将是一些服务性行业和其他公共场所重新开业,但不会早于7月1日。
        He said these steps formed part of a "first sketch of a roadmap for reopening society".        他说,这些步骤构成了“重新开放社会初步蓝图”的一部分。
        The PM added: "This is not the time simply to end the lockdown this week. Instead we are taking the first careful steps to modify our measures."        鲍里斯补充道:“本周还不是简单地宣布解除封锁的时机。相反,我们正在采取初步的谨慎步骤来修正我们的措施。”
        Mr Johnson also confirmed that fines for the "small minority who break" lockdown rules will increase.        鲍里斯还证实,对“违反封锁规定的少数人”的罚款将会增加。
        Further details about England's lockdown are expected in guidance to be published on Monday.        有关英国解除封锁的更多细节将形成指导方针,预计将在周一(5月11日)公布。
        A government official told the BBC the new guidance will say you can meet one person from outside your own household in a park, if you stay two metres apart.        一位政府官员告诉英国广播公司,按照新的指导方针,人们可以在公园里与非家庭成员会面,但必须保持两米的距离。
        People will also be allowed to drive to parks and beaches in England as long as they observe social distancing while there, according to the official.        这位官员还表示,只要人们遵守社交距离规定,就可以开车去公园和海滩。
        However, there will be no change in the advice for those who are shielding and have been asked to stay at home for at least 12 weeks.        然而,对于那些正在隔离且被要求呆在家里至少12周的人,建议不会改变。
        The PM explained how the "R" number - the reproduction rate of the virus - would be crucial in deciding whether lockdown could be eased further.        鲍里斯解释了“R”值(病毒的传染率)将在决定是否进一步放松封锁中起到关键作用。
        Experts have said that keeping R below 1 - meaning one person with the virus passes it on to one other person - is the priority.        专家表示,将R保持在1以下是当务之急,R值为1意味着一个病毒携带者只将病毒传染给另一个人。
        "It depends on all of us - the entire country - to follow the advice, to observe social distancing, and to keep that R down," he said.        他说:“这取决于我们所有人,整个国家,都要遵循这些建议,遵守社交距离规定,将传染率保持在低位。”
        The PM said those who could not work from home would now be encouraged to return to work - but they should avoid using public transport to get there if possible.        鲍里斯说,那些不能在家工作的人现在可以返回工作岗位,但如果可能的话,不要乘坐公共交通工具。
        Mr Johnson mentioned construction and manufacturing as examples of the sorts of industries where restarting would now be explicitly encouraged.        鲍里斯以建筑业和制造业为例,这两个行业正是目前鼓励复工的领域。
        Workplaces would receive guidance on how to become "Covid secure", he added.        他补充说,工作场所将获得如何成为“新冠病毒安全地带”的指导。
        He said in addition to being able to leave home as many times as they wish for exercise or to sunbathe in parks, people in England would also be able to drive to other destinations.        他说,除了可以随心所欲地离开家去锻炼或在公园里晒日光浴外,英国人还可以开车去其他地方。
        The PM also said he was "serving notice" that it would soon be the time to impose a quarantine on people coming into the country by air.        鲍里斯还表示,他正在“发出通知”,很快就会对入境航班乘客实行隔离。
        In a joint statement later, Mr Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron agreed quarantine measures would not apply between France and the UK "at this stage".        在随后发表的一份联合声明中,英国首相鲍里斯和法国总统埃马纽埃尔•马克龙同意,“现阶段”法国和英国之间不会实施隔离措施。
        The National Education Union said Mr Johnson's school reopening plan was "nothing short of reckless"        全国教育联盟表示,鲍里斯的学生返校计划“完全是不计后果的”。
        Pubs and bars are still "in limbo" following Mr Johnson's speech, industry bosses said        酒吧老板们表示,在鲍里斯发表演讲后,酒吧仍处于“不确定状态”。
                 in limbo:处于不稳定(或中间过渡)状态
        A further 178 deaths of people with coronavirus have been reported by NHS England        英国国家医疗服务体系报告新增新冠肺炎死亡病例178例。
        There were also 12 more deaths reported in Wales, 10 in Scotland and five in Northern Ireland        威尔士新增死亡病例12例,苏格兰10例,北爱尔兰5例。
        The government missed its target of 100,000 tests a day for the eighth day in a row, with 92,837 tests on Saturday        英国政府连续第8天没有达到每天检测10万次的目标,周六(5月9日)检测数量为92837次。

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