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People are getting creative with their work-from-home setups

来源:中国日报    2020-03-20 08:48

        The liquor cabinet desks         酒柜办公桌
        Emma Northcott, who is based in London, is using her liquor cabinet while she waits for a desk that she ordered online to come in.        在网购的办公桌到货之前,伦敦的艾玛·诺思科特在自家的酒柜上办公。
        Patrick Gipson in New York had a similar idea.        纽约的帕特里克·吉普森也有类似的想法。
        Clearly, they won't have to travel far for (virtual) happy hour.        显然,他们不用走远就可以享受到欢乐时光了(随时可以来一杯)。
        The ironing board desks         熨衣板办公桌
        Bex Holland, who lives in Brighton, England, and some of her colleagues have been using ironing boards as standing desks.        住在英格兰布莱顿的贝克斯·霍兰德和她的一些同事一直在用熨衣板作为站立式办公桌。
        The clothes hamper desk         衣物筐办公桌
        Jules Forrest, who lives in a studio apartment in San Francisco with her partner, has set up a chair in front of the front door. Her desk? A clothes hamper.        和爱人一起住在旧金山大开间的朱尔丝·福瑞斯特在前门放了一把椅子。她的办公桌就是衣物筐。
        The baby high chair desk         婴儿高脚椅办公桌
        Ian Giatti is a managing editor in Los Angeles and says the transition to working remotely has been pretty smooth so far. But he's had to improvise at times. His standing desk is a baby high chair.        伊恩·贾蒂是洛杉矶的一名责任编辑,他表示到目前为止过渡到远程工作一直都挺顺利的。但是他有时候也得凑合。他的站立式办公桌是一把婴儿高脚椅。
        "I'm a dad of 3 young kids, so that's been challenging at times when I'm on a call or something's breaking," he told CNN. "Thank God for my wife."        他告诉CNN说:“我是三个小孩的父亲,有时候接到任务或出现状况时这些熊孩子还是挺让人头疼的,幸好有我老婆。”
        The bathtub desks         浴缸办公桌
        Scott Lagstrom from Morrisville, North Carolina, is working from his bathtub.        美国北卡罗来纳州莫里斯维尔的斯科特·拉格斯特龙姆在浴缸里工作。
        "Working in the tub as the walls close in with two parents working from home and three kids off school. Ha!" his wife Allison Lagstrom writes.        他的妻子艾莉森·拉格斯特龙姆写道:“在浴缸里工作,因为空间太有限了。夫妻二人都在家工作,三个孩子也不上学。哈!”
        He's not the only one working in the tub.        他不是唯一一个在浴缸里工作的人。
        Amanda Epstein and her husband, who live with their 18-month-old in a Manhattan apartment, are both attorneys working from home. But they only have one desk with a monitor.        阿曼达·爱泼斯坦和她的丈夫以及18个月大的孩子住在曼哈顿的公寓里,两人都是律师,目前都在家工作。但是他们只有一张可以放台式电脑的办公桌。
        "So my handy husband used our soaking tub, a mini-ironing board on which he can put his laptop, and a kitchen chair to create a second workspace in the master bath," Epstein writes.        爱泼斯坦写道:“于是我的巧手丈夫用我们的浴缸、一个小熨衣板(放笔记本电脑)和一把厨房椅子在主卫里创造了第二个工作区。”
        The closet office         衣帽间办公室
        The desk in Jessica Fleming's home in Minnesota is in an open area -- not an ideal space for virtual meetings when you have kids in the house.        杰西卡·弗雷明在明尼苏达州家中的办公桌在一个开放区,当家中有小孩时不适合进行虚拟会议。
        She turned the closet in her master bedroom into a makeshift office, so she has a quiet space to take conference calls and to focus.        于是她将主卧里的衣帽间变成了临时办公室,这样就能有安静的空间来参加电话会议以及专心工作。
        "The best part?" she writes. "I've even hung a picture behind the desk so that my video conference calls don't look like I'm in my closet!"        “最棒的部分是什么呢?”她写道,“我甚至在办公桌后面挂了一张画,这样我参加视频会议时就看不出我在衣帽间里!”
        The ladder desk         梯子办公桌
        Heidi Floyd is a keynote speaker and with in-person events being canceled or moved online because of the virus, she's had to find a way to keep things going.        海蒂·弗洛伊德是一名主题发言人,受到病毒影响,需要亲自出场的活动被取消或转移到网上,她必须找到继续工作的方法。
        Enter the ladder desk.        于是就有了梯子办公桌。
        Here she is in Atlanta delivering a keynote address to a group of people in the Quad Cities, a region of five cities in Iowa and Illinois.        现在她就在亚特兰大向阔德城的一群人发表主题演讲。阔德城是位于爱荷华州和伊利诺斯州的五个城市。
        "Not pictured is my son, who was laying at the door whispering (loudly), 'MAMA don't step on my legos! MAMA!!'" Floyd writes.        弗洛伊德写道:“你们在画面中看不到我的儿子,他正趴在门上大声地说悄悄话:‘妈妈不要踩到我的乐高玩具!妈妈!!’”
        The SUV office         汽车办公室
        Joseph Kim, who works for a software company, says he was getting cabin fever in the small San Francisco condo he shares with his wife, who is also working from home.        在一家软件公司工作的约瑟夫·金表示,他在和妻子同住的旧金山小公寓中待久了会得“幽居病”,妻子现在也在家工作。
        So, he set up a workspace in his SUV, and his dog Chewy joined too.        所以,他就在自己的运动型多功能汽车里打造了一个工作区,他的狗狗“耐嚼”也加入其中。
        "I love being outside so this gives me flexibility to get some fresh air," he writes.        他写道:“我喜欢待在外面,这让我可以随时呼吸到新鲜空气。”
        Working remotely for the foreseeable future is going to be challenging. But clearly, we're all doing our best.        在可预见的未来,远程工作将会具有挑战性。但是显然,我们都在竭尽所能。

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