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What If Porn Had No Pictures?

来源:纽约时报    2019-11-29 09:08

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        “I know it when I see it,” Justice Potter Stewart famously wrote in a 1964 Supreme Court case when asked to set legal parameters for “hard-core” pornography. But what do you call it — hard-core, soft-core, whatever you like — when there’s nothing to see?        “我一看就知道了,”1964年最高法院的一个案件中,当被要求为“硬核”色情设定法律标准时,波特·斯图尔特(Potter Stewart)大法官说出了这句名言。但是如果什么也看不到,你该怎么称呼它——硬核,软核,还是其他你喜欢的称呼?
        “‘Erotica’ doesn’t sound as fun,” said Caroline Spiegel, a founder of Quinn, a new platform in the growing world of audio pornography. On a recent Tuesday afternoon, she was scrolling through the site at the loft in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn where she lives and works with Jackie Hanley, her co-founder and the C.O.O. of the company.        “‘色情作品’听起来没那么有趣,”Quinn的创始人卡罗琳·斯皮格尔(Caroline Spiegel)说,这是日益壮大的音频色情世界里涌现的众多新平台之一。前不久的一个周二下午,她在布鲁克林威廉斯堡社区的一个大开间里浏览网站,这是她和公司联合创始人兼首席运营官杰姬·汉利(Jackie Hanley)一起生活和工作的地方。
        Their goal is for Quinn to become the premier destination for nonvisual pornography, following in the footsteps of popular sites like Pornhub.com. Quinn plans to remain free for users and later this month will introduce an option to tip creators, keeping a percentage of those tips; the site also plans to experiment with advertising.        她们的目标是让Quinn追随Pornhub.com等流行网站的脚步,成为非视觉色情作品的首选目的地。Quinn计划为用户继续提供免费服务,并将在本月晚些时候推出一个给创作者小费的选项,网站会提成一小部分;她们还计划尝试广告。
        The idea came to Ms. Spiegel, 22, when she was in treatment for an eating disorder and began to experience sexual dysfunction. “Visual porn didn’t work for me,” she said. “It was too voyeuristic.”        想法来自22岁的斯皮格尔,当时她正在接受进食障碍的治疗,并且开始出现性功能障碍。“视觉色情对我不起作用,”她说。“太多偷窥的感觉了。”
        She has found that audio porn leaves more room for subjectivity and imagination. And you can listen to it anywhere.        她发现音频色情给主观性和想象力留下了更多的空间。而且你可以在任何地方听。
        Ms. Spiegel clicked on one story, in which a man with a plummy British accent begins, “I love making love.” She hit pause and giggled. “You get the idea.”        斯皮格尔点击了一个故事,一个有着纯正英国口音的男人以“我喜欢做爱”开头。她停顿了一下,咯咯地笑了起来。“你明白是怎么回事就行了。”
        The formats vary: a naughty story, a guided masturbation, an acted-out scene. Sometimes these audio stories appear in Reddit threads, blog posts and podcasts (“porncasts”?) like “Bawdy Storytelling” and “Kiss Me Quick.” Many of the creators are women.        形式多种多样:一个挑逗的故事,一个手淫指导,一个色情场景。有时这些音频故事会出现在Reddit的帖子、博客帖子和“讲黄段子”和“快吻我”这些播客(“色客”?)中。许多创作者是女性。
        “Visual porn is working for men,” said Gina Gutierrez, 29, a founder of Dipsea, a subscription app. Users can pay monthly ($8.99) or yearly ($47.99) for access to 175 stories, with weekly updates.        “视觉色情对男性来说效果更好,”29岁的吉娜·古铁雷斯(Gina Gutierrez)说,她是订阅应用Dipsea的创始人,用户交纳月费(8.99美元)或年费(47.99美元)后,可以收听应用中的175篇文章,每周更新。
        Ms. Gutierrez and her co-founder, Faye Keegan, 29, were intent on a narrative approach based on the premise that “the best sex content was hidden inside other content.”        古铁雷斯和她的联合创始人、29岁的费伊·基根(Faye Keegan)打算采用一种叙事方式,其前提是“最好的性内容隐藏在其他内容之中”。
        “‘Outlander’ is a good example,” Ms. Gutierrez said. “Even ‘Fleabag’ showed sex that was real.” They couldn’t find erotica they liked, and online searches produced a lot of videos that didn’t turn them on. Ms. Gutierrez would find herself daydreaming about the Airbnb the film was shot in, rather than the sex.        “《古战场传奇》(Outlander)就是一个很好的例子,”古铁雷斯说。“甚至《伦敦生活》(Fleabag)也展示了真实的性爱。”她们找不到自己喜欢的色情作品,而在线搜索得到的很多视频都不能让她们兴奋。古铁雷斯发现自己梦想的不是片子里的性爱,而是作为拍摄场景的Airbnb客房。
        Headspace, the guided meditation app, got her thinking about how audio-only programs could increase focus and, crucially, pleasure.        冥想引导应用Headspace让她想到,只有音频的程序可以提高注意力,更重要的是,还能增加愉悦感。
        Dipsea’s clean design and cartoonish thumbnail drawings could be mistaken for a mindfulness product, but its stories have titles like “Worth the Wait” (Description: “When she told me she didn’t want to sleep together on the first date, I was surprised. But if she wanted to wait … I could wait. I’d do anything she asked.”). Settings include the F train and Tulum, Mexico; and there are references to indie rock concert meet-cutes.        Dipsea整洁的设计和卡通化的缩略图可能会被人误认为是一款冥想正念产品,但它的故事标题是《值得等待》。(描述:“当她告诉我,她不想在第一次约会时就睡在一起,我很惊讶。但如果她想等,我可以等。她让我干什么我就干什么。”)场景包括F线列车上和墨西哥的图卢姆市;还有独立摇滚音乐会上遇到的甜美邂逅。
        “The big umbrella idea is approachable fantasy,” Ms. Gutierrez said.        “大体的思路是一种易代入的性幻想,”古铁雷斯说。
        Dipsea also has categories for gender and sexual orientation, the type of scenario (“hookup,” “role play”) and the level of raciness. The app’s demographic “sweet spot” is women who are 25 to 45.        Dipsea还对性别和性取向、场景类型(“搭讪”、“角色扮演”)和色情等级进行了分类。这款应用“最对路”的受众群落是25岁至45岁的女性。
        Lucie Fleming, 25, is a voice-over actress in New York City whose experience is mostly in corporate narration and product advertising. She was also in the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority at Stanford University with Ms. Spiegel and Ms. Hanley, who approached her to join their new venture.        25岁的露西·弗莱明(Lucie Fleming)在纽约市作配音演员,她的工作经验主要是企业故事讲述和产品广告。她和斯皮格尔、汉利都是斯坦福大学(Stanford University)Kappa Alpha Theta女生联谊会成员,汉利主动找到她,让她加入他们的新企业。
        “This was an opportunity to perform in a way I hadn’t as an artist, and to connect with audiences in a much more intimate way than laser hair removal or internal corporate videos,” Ms. Fleming said.        “这是一个机会,可以用一种我作为艺术家从未有过的方式表演,也可以用一种比激光脱毛或企业内部视频更亲密的方式与观众交流,”弗莱明说。
        There were some transitional challenges. “You don’t want it to sound too manufactured,” Ms. Fleming said. “Scripts would say, ‘moan here.’ I would try to weave that in as naturally as possible so it doesn’t sound like, ‘O.K., I’m moaning.’” But she has gotten into the groove of it and has even begun writing stories for the platform.        角色转换上会有一些困难。“听起来不能太做作,”弗莱明说。“剧本会说,‘在这里呻吟’。“我会尽可能自然地把它融进去,让它听起来不会像‘好吧,我来呻吟。”但她已经渐入佳境,甚至开始为平台写故事。
        Another Quinn creator, Jim, 35, records audio porn under the name Feel-Good Filth. He has a day job at an international bank in Chicago, but he thinks that in a couple of years he could be making enough money to support himself through the recordings. Jim himself prefers more traditional porn. “I like visuals,” he said.        另一位Quinn的创作者,35岁的吉姆,以“感觉良好的污秽”(Feel-Good Filth)为名录制音频色情。他在芝加哥的一家国际银行有一份全职工作,但他认为几年后他靠录音赚的钱可能就够活了。吉姆本人更喜欢传统的色情片。“我喜欢视觉效果,”他说。
        At Dipsea, professional voice actors are recorded individually for stories. Some sound effects come from an audio library. “A condom wrapper could be a candy wrapper opening,” Ms. Gutierrez said.        在Dipsea,专业的配音演员会分别录故事。一些音效来自音频库。“安全套包装可能是糖果包装打开的声音,”古铁雷斯说。
        Birth control and active consent are addressed directly in story scripts. Ms. Spiegel said that Quinn’s policy is “no minors, no incest, no bestiality, no nonconsent — although we allow consensual nonconsent, but it’s clearly tagged.”        节育和主动同意会在故事脚本中直接提到。斯皮格尔说,Quinn的政策是“不允许未成年人、不允许乱伦、不允许兽交、不允许不同意——尽管我们允许双方自愿不同意,但会有明确的标记。”
        Dipsea takes a similar stance on consent. “It’s mandatory,” Ms. Gutierrez said, “but it doesn’t always have to be verbal. Like if the story is No. 2 in a series and it’s about a monogamous couple. If it’s a first-time encounter with two people who have never met before, it does.”        Dipsea对同意也采取类似的立场。“这是强制性的,”古铁雷斯说,“但不一定非得是口头上的。比方说如果故事是一个系列的第二部,并且是关于一对一夫一妻制的夫妻。如果是两个素未谋面的人第一次遇见,那就需要。”
        This is not just to keep up with social and political mores, but because “the whole communications thing is so core to pleasure,” she said.        这不仅是为迎合社会和政治习俗,而是因为“整个交流过程是愉悦的核心所在”,她说。
        With stories made by companies run by women and without unattainable bodies to compare oneself to, you could call this a more accepting and even feminist approach to porn. (Though feminists have been divided on porn for decades.)        这些故事由女性经营的公司制作,没有难以企及的身材来和自己比较,你可以称这是一种更能接受的、甚至是女性主义的色情方式。(尽管几十年来,女性主义者在色情方面一直存在分歧。)
        It could also be a more disruptive format than, say, virtual reality porn, which has all of regular porn’s problems and then some.        它也可能是一种更具破坏性的形式,比起比如说虚拟现实色情,后者有所有常规色情的问题,而且还远不止此。
        The 35-year-old writer behind Girl on the Net, an erotica blog, lives in London and is named Sarah (“I get a lot of strange emails as is,” she said when asked to share her surname). Audio porn, she said, may also rise in popularity as users become more aware of ethical porn consumption and wary of exploiting performers.        色情博客Girl on the Net的作者、现年35岁、住在伦敦的莎拉(“我现在这样就已经有很多奇怪的邮件了,”在被问及姓氏时她说)。她说,音频色情也可能会越来越受欢迎,因为用户对合乎道德的色情作品消费越来越有意识,也越来越谨防剥削表演者。
        “More people are looking to independent porn sites and paying for their video porn, as well as exploring options like audio,” she said. “It’s probably also significant that the technology required to produce audio is now much more accessible to people — setting up to record your own is easier now.”        “越来越多的人在寻找独立的色情网站,为他们的视频色情付费,同时也在探索音频等选项,”她说。“可能也很重要的是,制作音频所需的技术现在对人们来说更容易获取——现在录制自己的音频更容易了。”
        Ms. Spiegel said that about half of Quinn’s users are men, and that the site’s most frequent search term is “lesbian.” Its most popular story involves a British man — accents are so popular that they have their own category — named Harry addressing a female paramour.        斯皮格尔说,Quinn的用户中约有一半是男性,网站最常搜索的词是“女同性恋”。其最受欢迎的故事包括一位名叫哈里的英国男性对一个女情人讲话——英国男性的口音很受欢迎,以至于它们有自己的分类。
        Before the unprintably hot stuff begins, he makes sure you, the target of his desire, are comfortable: “Let me take your jacket, let me help you unwind,” he says. “Let’s get those heels off.”        在一些不适合在这里发表的热辣内容开始前,他会确保你——他欲望的目标——感到舒适:“让我来帮你拿外套,让我帮你放松,”他说。“把高跟鞋脱掉。”

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