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After Death of the Actor Godfrey Gao, Chinese Lash Out at TV Industry

来源:纽约时报    2019-11-28 10:45

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        BEIJING — “Chase Me,” a Chinese television show, is famous for pushing its contestants to the limits. Participants scale tall buildings, skid down obstacle courses and hang from tightropes, often to the delight of screaming fans.        北京——中国电视节目《追我吧》以挑战选手体能极限而闻名。竞技者攀登高楼,滑下障碍赛道,高悬在钢丝下,常常令尖叫的粉丝们大为兴奋。
        But on Wednesday, the show came under national scrutiny in China after a 35-year-old actor and model, Godfrey Gao, died suddenly while filming an episode in the eastern Chinese city of Ningbo. Mr. Gao collapsed while running, apparently from a heart problem, according to a statement on Wednesday by the “Chase Me” production team.        但本周三,35岁的演员、模特高以翔在中国东部城市宁波录制该节目时突然死亡后,该节目在中国引起了人们的高度关注。《追我吧》的制作团队周三发表声明说,高以翔在奔跑时晕倒,显然是由于心脏问题。
        The death of Mr. Gao, who was born in Taiwan and raised in Canada, set off a wave of anger on the Chinese internet, with millions of people criticizing the entertainment industry as focused on ratings at the expense of safety.        高以翔在台湾出生,在加拿大长大,他的去世在中国互联网上引发了一波愤怒浪潮,数百万人批评娱乐业以牺牲安全为代价,过于关注收视率。
        By Wednesday evening, the death of Mr. Gao was one of the most widely discussed topics on Weibo, a popular microblogging site, and hashtags about it had garnered hundreds of millions of views.        截至周三晚,高以翔的死亡是用户众多的微博网站新浪微博上最广为讨论的话题之一,这个话题标签的浏览量已达数亿人次。
        “You don’t have a heart,” wrote one Weibo user, addressing the show’s producers.        “你们没有心,”一名微博用户对该节目的制作组说。
        Some people called for a boycott of Zhejiang Television, the state-owned channel that aired the show. Others argued that the government should regulate reality television shows, including game shows like “Chase Me,” more strictly, noting other cases of injury and death in the industry.        有人呼吁抵制播放该节目的国有电视台浙江卫视。还有人认为,政府应该对包括《追我吧》在内的真人秀节目进行更严格的监管,还指出了真人秀节目中发生的其他伤亡案例。
        “The show’s awareness of safety precautions is too poor,” Xu Zheng, a prominent actor and director, wrote on Weibo. “It must be held responsible!”        “节目的安全防范意识也太差了,”著名演员、导演徐峥在微博上写道。“绝对要负责啊!”
        Reality television shows have become very popular in China in recent years, especially online. A news article last year by Xinhua, the state news agency, said that the number of reality shows on streaming platforms had doubled last year from 2017, reaching 385.        真人秀节目近年来在中国非常受欢迎,尤其是在网上。官方通讯社新华社去年的一篇新闻报道称,流媒体平台上的真人秀节目数量在2018年已达到385个,比2017年增加了一倍。
        Even by the standards of such shows, “Chase Me,” which is in its first season, has pushed boundaries. The show invites actors as well as ordinary people to compete in variety of sports challenges, often to the point of exhaustion.        即使以真人秀节目的标准来衡量,今年开播第一季的《追我吧》也突破了界限。这个节目邀请演员和普通人参加各种各样的体育挑战赛,经常到让人筋疲力尽的地步。
        Adrenaline-pumping moments are a staple, often filmed at night in a downtown stretch of Ningbo. In one recent episode, a professional boxer fell into a ball pit and struggled to emerge as his teammates watched on.        使人热血沸腾的兴奋时刻是节目的主要内容,拍摄现场通常是夜间的宁波市区。在最近的一集里,一名职业拳击运动员掉进了一个球坑,在队友的注视下挣扎着爬了出来。
        Early on Wednesday, Mr. Gao was filming a guest appearance on the ninth episode of “Chase Me” when he collapsed, according to the statement by the show’s producers. The show’s medical staff tried to revive him, but when they could not, Mr. Gao was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead, the producers said.        据节目组周三早些时候的声明,高以翔在拍摄《追我吧》第九集时突然晕倒。节目组说,现场的医务人员试图对他进行救治,但未成功,高以翔被送往医院,并在那里被宣布死亡。
        “We feel very grieved and extremely sad!” the statement said.        “我们感到无比痛心和万分悲伤!”声明说。
        An individual who answered the phone at Zhejiang Television on Wednesday said no one was available to comment on what had happened.        周三,浙江卫视接听电话的人表示,找不到能对所发生的事情发表评论的人。
        Mr. Gao was known for his work as a model for Louis Vuitton, as well as his roles on several television shows and movies. He was the voice of Ken, opposite Barbie, in the Mandarin-language version of the 2010 movie “Toy Story 3” for its release in Taiwan.        高以翔因给路易威登(Louis Vuitton)当模特,以及在多部影视作品中扮演的角色出名。2010年在台湾上映的国语版《玩具总动员3》中,曾为芭比的搭档肯配音。
        With more than 5.7 million followers on Weibo, Mr. Gao had a loyal following in mainland China, where he was known for playing a disabled architect on a Chinese soap opera, “Remembering Lichuan.” There he often went by his Chinese name, Gao Yixiang.        高以翔在中国大陆有一群忠实的粉丝,微博上的粉丝数超过570万。他以在肥皂剧《遇见王沥川》中饰演一名残疾建筑师而闻名。
        Mr. Gao’s agency, JetStar Entertainment, confirmed his death on Wednesday.        高以翔的经纪公司捷星娱乐(JetStar Entertainment)周三证实了他死亡的消息。
        “He has unfortunately left us,” the agency said in a statement on Weibo. “It is shocking and terribly sorrowful to us. We cannot accept it even now!”        “(他)不幸离开了我们,”捷星在微博上发表的声明说。“令我们震惊且悲痛万分,至今无法接受!”
        On his Instagram account, Mr. Gao recently posted about taking part in a charity dinner and playing tennis with the actor Adam Sandler.        高以翔最近曾在自己的Instagram账户上发过参加慈善晚宴,以及与演员亚当·桑德勒(Adam Sandler)打网球的照片。
        “Everyone can make a difference,” he wrote in a post in July, “one small step at a time.”        “每个人都能有所作为,”他在今年7月的一个帖子中写道,“只要持之以恒。”

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