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赴美留学新生减少 美大学仍看重中国生源
California remains the top US destination for foreign students, yet enrollment is slipping

来源:中国日报    2019-11-21 13:43

        California remains the top US destination for foreign students, who primarily come from China and India, with enrollment dipping slightly in the 2018-19 school year for the first time in at least a decade, according to a survey released Monday.        11月18日发布的一项调查显示,加州仍然是美国最受欢迎的留学目的地,这些留学生主要来自中国和印度。在2018-19学年,加州的入学人数出现了至少10年来的首次小幅下降。
        Nationally, new enrollments of international students declined for the third year in a row although overall numbers are at a record high of nearly 1.1 million, according to a survey of 2,800 US colleges and universities released by the Institute of International Education and the US State Department.        美国国际教育协会和美国国务院联合发布的一项针对美国2800所高等院校的调查显示,美国国际学生总体人数达到创纪录的近110万人,但是新入学人数连续第三年下降。
        The number of students from China, who account for one-third of all international students in the United States, increased by 1.7% while those from India grew by 2.9%.        中国留学生占美国留学生总数的三分之一,增长1.7%,印度留学生增长2.9%。
        Some university officials have questioned whether the Trump administration’s harder line on immigration and China is driving international students toward more welcoming environments in other countries.        一些大学负责人质疑,特朗普政府在移民和中国问题上的强硬立场,是否正促使国际学生前往其他就学环境更友好的国家。
        But US college costs are the single largest concern expressed by prospective foreign students and their families, Allan E. Goodman, the Institute of International Education’s president, said in a recent teleconference to preview the report.        不过,国际教育协会主席艾伦·E·古德曼在最近一次预审该报告的电话会议上表示,潜在的留学生及其家人最关注的是美国大学的费用。
        A 2017 survey by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development found that the average US public college tuition was the highest among some 35 member nations surveyed — about $8,200 annually, more than twice as high as the average.        经合组织2017年的一项调查发现,在接受调查的约35个成员国中,美国公立大学的平均学费最高,约为每年8200美元(约合人民币5.76万元),是平均水平的两倍多。
        UCLA and UC Berkeley, the leading US public universities, charge about $44,000 annually for foreign students compared with less than $10,000 at their top public counterpart in Japan, Tokyo University.        美国名牌公立大学加州大学洛杉矶分校和加州大学伯克利分校对留学生的收费约为每年4.4万美元,而日本顶级公立大学东京大学的收费不到1万美元。
        Caroline Casagrande, deputy assistant secretary of State for academic programs, said new student enrollment began declining in 2015 under the Obama administration and has begun to stabilize. The number of new undergraduates decreased at a slower rate in 2018-19 than in the previous two years while graduate students increased.        美国国务院负责学术项目的副助理国务卿卡洛琳·卡萨基德表示,新生入学人数在2015年奥巴马政府执政期间开始下降,现在已经开始稳定下来。与前两年相比,2018-19学年本科生新生人数下降速度较慢,而研究生人数则有所增加。
        California continues to attract the most international students — 161,693 — with six of the nation’s top 20 host universities located in the state. USC remained the most popular campus, enrolling 16,340 foreign students in 2018-19, followed by 11,942 at UCLA, 10,652 at UC San Diego, 10,063 at UC Berkeley, 8,064 at UC Irvine and 8,048 at UC Davis.        加州继续吸引着最多的国际学生(16万1693人),全美排名前20的大学中有6所位于加州。南加州大学仍然是最受欢迎的大学,在2018-19学年招收了16340名留学生,其次是加州大学洛杉矶分校(11942名)、加州大学圣地亚哥分校(10652名)、加州大学伯克利分校(10063名)、加州大学欧文分校(8064名)和加州大学戴维斯分校(8048名)。
        About 42% of the California foreign students are from China and 12.6% from India. Overall, international students helped boost the state economy by spending an estimated $6.8 billion on tuition, housing, food and other items, the report said.        加州约42%的留学生来自中国,12.6%来自印度。报告称,总体而言,国际学生在学费、住房、食品和其他方面的支出约为68亿美元,帮助提振了该州的经济。
        Some smaller California campuses, such as the University of La Verne, have experienced dramatic declines in Chinese international students over the last few years.        加州一些规模较小的大学,如拉文大学,在过去几年里中国留学生人数大幅下降。
        China remains key for USC, which opened a center in Shanghai last year to help Chinese students find jobs after graduating and returning home.        中国仍然是南加州大学的招生重点。去年,南加州大学在上海开设了一个中心,帮助中国学生在毕业和回国后找到工作。
        “We do feel like diversification is a good thing,” said Anthony Bailey, USC vice president for strategic and global initiatives. “But we hope to continue to have Chinese mainland students for many, many years to come. With the volume we have and the levels of talent that they have, we don’t think other markets are going to replace China and India. We think there’s more opportunity in both.”        南加州大学负责战略和全球计划的副校长安东尼•贝利说:“我们确实认为多样化是一件好事。但我们希望在未来的很多年里继续招收中国大陆的学生。以我们的规模和人才水平,我们认为其他市场不会取代中国和印度。我们认为两国都有更多的招生机会。”
        The 10-campus University of California system is moving to recruit more diverse students rather than significantly increase their numbers of foreign students.        拥有10个校区的加州大学正在采取行动扩大生源地,而不是大幅增加留学生的数量。
        UC San Diego Chancellor Pradeep Khosla said international students will continue to flock to UC campuses because of their quality. But he said smaller colleges and universities might suffer under the Trump administration’s more restrictive immigration policies, and he urged the United States to keep out the welcome mat.        加州大学圣地亚哥分校校长普拉迪普·科斯拉说,由于教学质量优异,国际学生将继续涌入加州大学。但是他说,在特朗普政府更加严格的移民政策下,规模较小的学院和大学可能会受到影响。他还敦促美国敞开大门欢迎留学生。
        International students expose Americans to global perspectives, he said, and graduate students in particular are vital to the nation’s research enterprise and high-tech workforce.        他说,国际学生让美国人接触到全球视野,特别是研究生对美国的研究型企业和高科技劳动力至关重要。
        “If we don’t keep them, Australia wants them. Canada wants them. Europe wants them,” Khosla said. “Talent will find the destination. The question is: Will it be the USA or not?”        他说:“如果我们不留住他们,澳大利亚想要他们,加拿大想要他们,欧洲也想要他们。人才自然能找到地方。问题是:会不会来美国?”

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