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US open to direct talks with North Korea, says Pence

来源:FT中文网    2018-02-13 06:46

        The US is open to direct talks with North Korea after reaching an agreement with Seoul on a diplomatic approach to Pyongyang, according to US vice-president Mike Pence.        美国副总统迈克•彭斯(Mike Pence)称,在与韩国商定对朝外交姿态后,美国对于同朝鲜直接谈判持开放态度。
        Mr Pence’s stance, outlined in an interview with the Washington Post, follows a flurry of North Korean diplomatic activity at the Winter Olympics that culminated with its leader Kim Jong Un inviting Moon Jae-in, South Korea’s president, to Pyongyang for an inter-Korean summit.        彭斯是在接受《华盛顿邮报》(Washington Post)采访时阐明这一立场的,此前朝鲜在冬奥会上开展一系列外交活动,最终其领导人金正恩(Kim Jong Un)邀请韩国总统文在寅(Moon Jae-in)前往平壤举行韩朝峰会。
        The US vice-president said Washington had no plans to ease its sanctions-led pressure campaign to encourage Mr Kim to denuclearise, but suggested the US was open to negotiations alongside such efforts — a sentiment at odds with the hardline stance previously articulated by the White House.        美国副总统表示,华盛顿没有计划放松以制裁为主导的施压行动,以鼓励金正恩弃核,但暗示美国在施压的同时对谈判持开放态度——这与白宫此前宣示的强硬立场有所不同。
        “The maximum pressure campaign is going to continue and intensify. But if you want to talk, we’ll talk,” Mr Pence told the Post, referring to the White House’s campaign to economically isolate and punish the North Korean regime for its advanced weapons programmes.        “施加最大压力的行动将持续并进一步加强。但如果你想谈,我方可以谈,”彭斯告诉《邮报》,他指的是白宫发起的从经济上孤立和惩罚朝鲜政权先进武器计划的努力。
        His comments come days after Mr Pence appeared to take a contradictory approach, saying on Friday that Pyongyang must first abandon its nuclear weapons before talks could proceed.        这一言论出炉的几天前,彭斯似乎采取与之矛盾的姿态,在上周五表示平壤方面必须首先放弃核武器,才能展开谈判。
        It is not the first time the White House has offered mixed messages. In December Rex Tillerson, US secretary of state, made similar comments about dialogue without preconditions, before walking back the comments.        这已不是白宫首次发出莫衷一是的信息。去年12月,美国国务卿雷克斯•蒂勒森(Rex Tillerson)就没有先决条件的对话发表了类似言论,但随后收回了相关言论。
        On Monday, Seoul sought to bolster its effort to achieve detente on the Korean peninsula, outlining grounds for improved relations ahead of a potential inter-Korean summit.        周一,首尔试图加强其实现朝鲜半岛局势缓和的努力,列出了在潜在的韩朝峰会之前改善关系的前提条件。
        The ministry of unification in Seoul called for deepening of ties, including steps towards the reunion of elderly families separated by the Korean war.        在首尔,韩国统一部呼吁深化联系,包括采取步骤让那些被朝鲜战争拆散的年事已高的亲人团聚。
        The development reflects an understanding by Mr Moon that he must extract some concessions from the North before rushing into what would be a landmark meeting with Mr Kim.        这一发展反映了文在寅的理解,即他必须先从朝鲜争取到一些让步,才能投入与金正恩举行具有里程碑意义的会晤。
        “Moon Jae-in has made clear that a blank invitation will not just work. The message is that North Korea needs to be more forthcoming,” said Kim Byung-joo, a professor at the Korea Development Institute.        “文在寅已经明确表示,一份空白的邀请不会就这么起作用。他发出的信息是,北韩需要更加诚恳一些,”韩国开发研究院(Korea Development Institute)教授Kim Byung-joo表示。
        Despite being supportive of peace on the Korean peninsula, many observers — including young South Koreans as well as US officials — remain sceptical about Pyongyang’s motives and see the detente as merely serving the regime’s interests.        尽管支持朝鲜半岛和平,但许多观察人士(包括韩国年轻人以及美国官员)仍然对平壤的动机持怀疑态度,认为眼下的缓和仅仅是为了朝鲜政权的利益。
        Mr Moon’s challenge is to demonstrate to his political opponents in Seoul and South Korea’s allies in Washington that he can extract real concessions from North Korea.        文在寅的挑战是向他在首尔的政治对手和韩国在华盛顿的盟友展示,他可以从朝鲜争取到真正的让步。
        “His space is now pretty limited. He has done a lot to get to this point. The ball is now in Kim Jong Un’s court,” said Prof Kim, adding that this could be an opportunity for Pyongyang to reconsider its position of nuclear weapons development.        “他的空间现在非常有限。他做了很多事情才走到现在。球现在在金正恩那一边,”Kim Byung-joo表示,并补充说,这可能是平壤方面重新考虑其核武开发的一个契机。
        Cheong Seong-chang, a research fellow at the Sejong Institute, agreed, saying Mr Kim’s offer of the summit suggested he was “highly likely to compromise” on nuclear weapons.        韩国智库——世宗研究院(Sejong Institute)的研究员郑相昌(Cheong Seong-chang)对此表示认同。他说,金正恩提出举行峰会似乎表明,他“很有可能(在核武问题上)妥协”。
        Song Min-soon, a former South Korean foreign minister, said that even small, symbolic gestures from the North were crucial.        韩国前外长宋旻淳(Song Min-soon)表示,即使是朝鲜摆出的微小的象征性姿态也是至关重要的。
        “In this situation, we can hardly expect serious concessions. But symbolic gestures that can be interpreted positively go a long way. That is the art of diplomacy,” he said.        “在这种情况下,我们很难期待认真的让步。但是获得可以积极解读的象征性姿态能够起到很大作用。这是外交的艺术,”他说。
        “Success breeds success. So we should start with small moves and go step by step.”        “成功孕育成功。所以我们应该从小步开始,一步一步来。”
        However, Mr Moon faces a sceptical public. Young South Koreans share little affinity with what they see as a rogue regime in Pyongyang, and Mr Moon is likely to be lambasted by the nation’s conservative press if he is perceived as being overly friendly or generous to Pyongyang.        然而,文在寅面临持怀疑态度的韩国公众。韩国年轻人对于他们眼中的平壤流氓政权没什么好感,如果文在寅被视为对平壤过于友善或慷慨,他很可能受到国内保守派新闻界的猛轰。
        Additional reporting by Kang Buseong        Kang Buseong补充报道

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