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Ant Financial seeks $5bn in funding ahead of IPO

来源:FT中文网    2018-02-12 17:40

        Ant Financial is set to raise around $5bn in a funding round expected to value the Alibaba payments affiliate at more than $100bn, according to people familiar with the matter. The move sets an early marker for its keenly anticipated initial public offering.        据知情人士透露,蚂蚁金服(Ant Financial)计划进行一轮融资,预计筹集约50亿美元,这将使其估值超过1000亿美元。此举给这家阿里巴巴(Alibaba)关联企业备受期待的首次公开发行(IPO)提前设置了一个参考指标。
        The boosted valuation is also handy for Alibaba, which last month announced plans to swap its current profit-sharing arrangement for a 33 per cent stake in Ant, setting the ball in motion to list the group.        蚂蚁金服估值提升对阿里巴巴也是好事,后者上月宣布计划终止现行的利润分成安排,换取蚂蚁金服33%的股权,这一安排可能意味着蚂蚁金服上市之事将提上日程。
        The latest funding round may be launched as soon as this month, say people close to the process.        知情人士表示,最新这轮融资最早可能在本月启动。
        If the offering, first reported by Reuters, pulls in as much as anticipated — some suggest it may imply a valuation as high as $120bn, or twice the level achieved in its last fundraising nearly two years ago — Ant would become the world’s biggest unicorn ahead of ride-hailing Uber, which is valued at $68bn.        路透社(Reuters)率先报道了蚂蚁金服计划融资的消息。如果融资额与目标一致,有人提出,蚂蚁金服的估值最高可能达到1200亿美元,也就是将近两年前进行上轮融资时的两倍,届时蚂蚁金服将成为全球最大的“独角兽”,超越目前估值680亿美元的叫车公司优步(Uber)。
        Ant is battling it out with Tencent, which competes with Alibaba across the tech landscape, to control China’s $15.5tn third-party mobile payments market, which trebled in size last year.        蚂蚁金服正与腾讯(Tencent)角逐中国第三方移动支付市场的霸主地位,该市场规模在去年增长了两倍,达到15.5万亿美元。在众多科技领域,腾讯都是阿里巴巴的竞争对手。
        The market in China dwarfs that of the US and other developed markets, in part a results of China’s weak legacy banking system as people have leapfrogged to paying with a swipe of their phones rather than going via credit cards. iResearch, which tracks the market, forecasts it will grow to around $25tn this year.        中国第三方移动支付市场的规模令美国和其他发达国家相形见绌,这部分是因为中国传统银行体系不是很强大,人们在支付上出现“跳越式”发展,爱用手机扫码支付而非使用信用卡。艾瑞咨询(iResearch)预计,今年中国这个市场将扩大至25万亿美元左右。
        While payments is not a hugely profitable business in itself, scraping off just basis points, it is an entry point into a broader suite of financial services including consumer loans, investment products and insurance. “Payments are the foundation for developing the financial services business,” noted one player.        虽然支付本身并不是一项利润丰厚的业务(仅能赚取万分之几的手续费),但它是进入消费贷款、投资产品和保险等金融服务领域的切入点。一位业内人士指出,“支付是发展金融服务业务的基础。”
        Added Thomas Olsen, partner at Bain consultancy: ““The real value of this is the data.”        贝恩咨询(Bain consultancy)合伙人托马斯•奥尔森(Thomas Olsen)补充称:“真正的价值在于数据。”
        Others argue that the aggressive push to sign up players, both online and offline, is a costly bid to acquire share that is undermining profitability.        另一些人则认为,两家公司为吸引用户而采取的激进举措成本高昂,只图争夺市场份额而削弱了盈利能力。
        Ant has had a colourful history. Initially set up as a PayPal-style solution for customers to buy goods on its ecommerce service, it was controversially carved out into a separate entity in 2011.        蚂蚁金服有着丰富多彩的历史。它原本是为了方便电商用户购物而创立的,类似于PayPal,后来在2011年变成一个独立实体,还引发了争议。
        Alibaba founder Jack Ma attributed the move to government rules requiring payment businesses to be held in wholly Chinese hands. Nevertheless the transfer of the valuable asset triggered a public spat with US-based Yahoo, which was a major shareholder in Alibaba at the time.        阿里巴巴创始人马云(Jack Ma)将此举归因于政府规定,即支付公司必须完全掌握在国内企业手中。然而,这项极具价值的资产的转移引发了阿里巴巴与总部位于美国的雅虎(Yahoo!)之间的公开争执。当时,雅虎是阿里巴巴的大股东之一。
        With the latest restructuring Alibaba swaps its current profit-sharing arrangement, under which Ant pays to Alibaba 37.5 per cent of its pre-tax profit, worth Rmb2.08bn ($330m) in Alibaba’s last financial year, in return for a clear one-third ownership in Ant.        根据最新的重组方案,阿里巴巴将放弃利润分成安排,换取蚂蚁金服三分之一的股权。现行分成安排是蚂蚁金服37.5%的税前利润归阿里巴巴所有,在阿里巴巴的上一财年为20.8亿元人民币(合3.3亿美元)。
        Ant is likely to seek a dual listing, bankers say, with an IPO in either New York or Hong Kong accompanied by an offering in Shanghai to smooth the way with Beijing. The restructuring has yet to receive clearance from regulators in China.        银行家表示,蚂蚁金服可能会寻求两地上市,一个上市地在纽约或香港,另一个在上海,好与北京方面搞好关系。其重组方案尚未获得中国监管层批准。

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