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Kim Jong Un invites South Korean president to talks

来源:FT中文网    2018-02-11 07:21

        North Korean leader Kim Jong Un invited South Korean President Moon Jae for talks in Pyongyang, South Korean officials said on Saturday, setting the stage for the first meeting of Korean leaders in more than 10 years.        韩国官员周六表示,朝鲜领导人金正恩(Kim Jong Un)邀请韩国总统文在寅(Moon Jae-in)在平壤举行会谈。此举为韩朝领导人10多年来首次会晤搭起舞台。
        Any meeting would represent a diplomatic coup for Mr Moon, who swept to power last year on a policy of engaging more with the reclusive North.        任何会晤都将代表着文在寅取得外交突破,他在去年凭借同与世隔绝的朝鲜加大接触的政策当选总统。
        The recent detente, anchored by South Korea’s hosting of the Winter Olympic Games that began on Friday, came despite an acceleration in North Korea’s weapons programmes last year and pressure from Seoul’s allies in Washington.        围绕韩国举办周五开幕的冬季奥运会,韩朝关系近期出现缓和,尽管朝鲜的武器计划去年加速,而首尔在华盛顿的盟友施加压力。
        The personal invitation from Kim Jong Un was delivered by his younger sister, Kim Yo Jong, during talks and a lunch Mr Moon hosted at the presidential Blue House in Seoul.        金正恩的个人邀请是由他的妹妹金与正(Kim Yo Jong)在文在寅于首尔的总统府青瓦台做东的会谈和午宴期间转交的。
        Kim Jong Un wanted to meet Mr Moon “at an early date” and Mr Moon had said “let’s create conditions to make it happen”, Blue House spokesman Kim Eui-kyeom told a news briefing.        青瓦台发言人金宜谦(Kim Eui-kyeom)在记者会上透露,金正恩希望“早日”同文在寅见面,而文在寅已表示“让我们创造条件来使其成为现实”。
        A Blue House official said Mr Moon “practically accepted” the invitation.        青瓦台一名官员称,文在寅“实际上接受了”邀请。
        “We would like to see you at an early date in Pyongyang”, Kim Yo Jong told Mr Moon during the lunch, according to another Blue House official.        据青瓦台另一名官员透露,金与正在午餐时告诉文在寅,“我们希望早日在平壤见到您”。
        The prospect of two-way talks between the Koreas, however, may not be welcomed by the US.        然而,韩朝举行双边会谈的前景可能不会受到美国的欢迎。
        Washington has pursued a strategy of exerting maximum pressure on Pyongyang through tough sanctions and harsh rhetoric, demanding it give up its pursuit of nuclear weapons.        华盛顿迄今采取的战略是通过严厉制裁和尖刻言辞对平壤施加最大压力,以迫使其放弃对核武器的追求。
        “This is the strongest action yet by North Korea to drive a wedge between the South and the United States,” said Kim Sung-Han, a former South Korean vice foreign minister and now a professor at Korea University in Seoul.        “这是北韩在离间韩美关系方面迄今最强有力的行动,”韩国前副外长、如今是首尔高丽大学(Korea University)教授的金圣翰(Kim Sung-han)表示。
        Mr Moon asked the North Korean delegation during Saturday’s meeting to engage in dialogue with Washington “at an early date”, the Blue House said.        青瓦台表示,文在寅在周六会晤期间促请朝鲜代表团“及早”与华盛顿展开对话。
        A visit by Mr Moon to North Korea would enable the first summit between leaders from the two Koreas since 2007.        文在寅对朝鲜的访问如果成行,将使韩朝领导人得以举行自2007年以来的首次峰会。
        US vice-president Mike Pence, also in South Korea for the Olympics, has said the US and South Korea were closely aligned in their approach to dealing with North Korea.        也在韩国参加奥运会的美国副总统迈克•彭斯(Mike Pence)表示,美国和韩国应对朝鲜的方式非常接近。
        “I am very confident, as President Trump is, that President Moon will continue to stand strongly with us in our extreme-pressure campaign,” Mr Pence told NBC in an interview on Friday, maintaining all options were open to deal with the crisis.        “像特朗普总统一样,我很有信心认为,文总统在我方发起的极端压力行动中将继续坚定地与我们站在一起,”彭斯周五在接受美国全国广播公司(NBC)采访时表示。他坚称,应对这场危机的所有选择都在桌面上。
        “Make no mistake about it, the United States of America has viable military options to deal with a nuclear threat from North Korea but, that being said, we hope for a better path,” he said.        “不要搞错,美国拥有可行的军事选择来应对朝鲜的核威胁,但是话说回来,我方希望有一条更好的道路,”他说。
        North and South Korea are technically still at war after their 1950-53 conflict ended in a truce rather than a peace treaty. The US fought with South Korea and maintains tens of thousands of troops and an ”ironclad” agreement to protect its ally.        韩朝在技术上仍处于战争状态,因为在1950年至1953年的冲突以停战(而非和平条约)结束。在战争期间与韩国并肩作战的美国,继续在韩国保持数万兵力,并坚守一份“牢不可破的”协议以保护其盟友。
        North Korea has spent years developing its military, saying it needs to protect itself from US aggression.        朝鲜花了多年时间发展军力,称其需要强大武力来保护自己免遭美国侵略。

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